SOHO Action Day: A Virtual Workday

Get Stuff Done on SOHO Action DayIt happens over time…

You’re busy: the mail is piling up, the phone is ringing, you’ve got appointments to make, there’s filing to do, there’s email to go through, projects to finish, new skills to learn …

Have you been putting off:

  • Getting email under control
  • Organizing your office
  • Installing a software tool
  • Setting up social media profiles
  • Starting a podcast
  • Setting up your newsletter
  • Setting up a shopping cart or auto-responder service

There’s a lot of “should” floating around.

You feel like you “should” get that thing done, and you feel guilty because you know it’s just not getting done. What’s worse? You’ve got no idea where to start, you  feel overwhelmed and you’ve been putting it off for a while now.

What if you had help for one focused day? Action. That’s what this day is all about…

SIGN UP for SOHO Action Day!

When:  Friday, November 14, 2014

Time:   12:30 am – 4:30 pm EST (Three calls* throughout the day with ME + YOU working on your chosen project)

Where:  Wherever you are – It’s virtual!

Cost:   $29 (FREE for SOHO Tech Training Members!)

*Group calls with other entrepreneurs who want to get stuff done!

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*You will be redirected to PayPal when you complete the form and click the “Register” button. See below for more details about SOHO Action Day.

SOHO Action DaySOHO Action Day Details

What you get:

  • A low-cost alternative to getting a jumpstart on your technology-related project
  • Confidence to get started
  • Visible improvement at the end of the day
  • Motivation to get it done
  • A time set aside to take focused action
  • Reduced frustration & less stress

Included in the SOHO Action Day (a virtual workday):

  • Three LIVE group check-in calls throughout the day with Deb Lee: Check-in to keep the motivation going from start to finish
  • Guided agenda for the day: Easy to follow plan for the day & personalized help with your project
  • Private Group Page: Follow along throughout the day on this frequently updated live page
  • Support: Ask your questions throughout the day and during our check-in calls
  • Camaraderie: Everyone working toward the same goal – getting stuff done!
  • Accountability: We’ll want to know what how much progress you’ve made

Who benefits from this workshop? Micro-businesses, entrepreneurs and small business owners will benefit from this workshop. It’s a time to buckle down and get those action items off your list! Don’t worry – there will be no shaming or guilt trips. We’re not about perfection here – this day is about action. What you need:

  • Time. 2-4 hours to actively work on your office or project + 20-30 minutes for each check-in call
  • Mobile or Landline Phone. You’ll need a phone to call into the check-ins
  • A Plan. A project or tasks you will work on for the day … think about this ahead of time, so you are ready to start on Action Day


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