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Simple Guides to Social Media: SMO Books

It all starts with a connection…

Once upon a time I met a friend. She was fun, productive, super smart and I am quite certain we were separated at birth. This friend introduced me to another friend, who was also fun, also super smart and was determined to make the world a better place (just like my other friend and I.)

I felt lucky to know them. We had so much in common. We kept in touch, meeting up in person, helping one another.

Then one day, one of the friends had a big idea. Big. One that could help a lot of people understand a somewhat mystical tool online. Plans were made, and some furious work followed. Thus, SMO Books was born.

And they all lived happily ever after!

This is a true story. There are some days I cannot believe it happened. This story is about connection, and a tool that can help you do just that. We created it for you. You’ll thank us, we hope.

“I just don’t get social media. Why should I care?”

Frustrated? Yeah, we get that. SMO Books are little books designed to help newbies and dabblers understand how to use social media like blogging and Twitter. It’s not software, it’s not an electronic file. They are old school pencil to paper tools. Open, write, plan, post and record your success. Don’t tell me social media isn’t for business. I know it is… so don’t start with me. But that’s a different story. :)

This tools is for the frustrated and overwhelmed. We want to help.

How’s it work?

Ever needed a simple plan to make something happen? What if someone laid it out for you, with steps and a fill in the blank, brain dead simple outline?

Yeah, that’s what SMO Books is about. We keep it simple, cuz you have a business to run. We get that. If you’re not sure how to blog, we’ve gotcha covered. Interested I Twitter, and haven’t signed up or (gasp) have signed up and not used it? Don’t worry, pumpkin. It’s not too late!

Why paper?

It’s simple to use, there’s really no learning curve. There are a lot of great products and other experts out there, but we wanted to do things a little differently. We all learned how to put pencil to paper a long time ago. Online tools like Twitter can be intimidating enough, we didn’t want to add to that. We’re keepin’ it simple, cuz that’s how we roll.

Who the heck are we?

We’re the first to admit, we’re beginners. We get you. We’re passionate about social media, and we’ve seen what it can do in our own business, and our lives. It’s no line of bullhockey. We’ve seen it happen with our own experiences and those of our clients. This is the real deal.

You can see what we’re up to on Twitter:

How can you use it?

Promote a cause you care about.
Build your brand – i.e. Get out and talk with people.
Customer service – you do care about this, yes?
Follow your interests.
Share what you know.
Connect with other likeminded people.
Introduce other people to each other.
Offer a referral.
Be useful.
Be helpful.

What’s it cost?
It’s less than the cost of coffee for two. Yes, it’s for real.

Where can you get this tool?
Go to our site: SMO Books

Ready to connect? Pick up that pencil and buckle up, buttercup.

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