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News I’m Reading: Mac apps, Gmail & Google Docs, Tablets, Productivity & Why Websites Matter

I love reading up on technology news, and other various “get that stuff done” articles. Don’t miss the article about why websites are still important – I could not agree more!

Here’s what I found of interest today:

Rupert Murdoch is on my driveway

5 powerful apps every Mac user should have

Eleven awesome Labs features

iPad vs Kindle: 10 reasons why only one of these gadgets is for me

Docs Continues Kicking the Butts of Paid Apps Everywhere

How I Kicked My Time Management Habit And Became Exceedingly More Productive, Profitable And Thrilled

Five Reasons Why Websites Still Matter

Speaking of websites, if yours is suffering from serious suckage or could be better, check out this month’s teleclass, “Why Your Website Sucks & How To Fix It”

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