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Meeting Over Coffee to Get Organized With Evernote


Last week, I facilitated a live variation of my virtual “Coffee Talk” and Meetup about Evernote. I am asked about this awesome product a lot, and recommend it to clients on a regular basis. For solopreneurs, this is one of the most powerful information organization tools available. I am a user, and the “Organization Ambassador“. They really should include “Evangelist” in that title. ;)


Our meetup was focused around organization, and how Evernote can help. Oh darlings, it can certainly help! Our event lasted for two hours, and most came and stayed for the entire time (and some even after for a nice chat!) Good coffee and good conversations ensued…


Initially, we had a few stares and questions about what Evernote is, which I was happy to answer (followed by an invitation to join us.) The best thing about this meetup was to see users come together and share how they use Evernote. How cool is that? All attendees brought a device with Evernote on it, and there was every kind: iOS, Android, Mac, PC and tablets. We even got on the web (thanks to wifi at our awesome venue.)


We had a wide variety of business people from all kinds of professions and backgrounds: IT professional, interior designers, professional organizer, mom blogger, professional screencast producer, metal work designer, social media consultant, feng shui consultant, financial services professional, consultants and more. What a diverse crowd! They all had different ideas, inspirations and uses for keeping track of information, notes, photos and other bits within Evernote. (A couple users even had a little fun with Skitch… ^_^)


Towards the middle of our time together, I shared my top ten tips for organizing with Evernote. Our group was so fun and interactive, asking famously insightful questions, and offering tips of their own. I learned a lot too! To me, this is the power of a group like this coming together. We’re all learning, and what we teach each other makes us all better. (I won’t sing a camp song… not this time at least…)

At the end of our event, I asked attendees for a tip or what they were taking away from our event. Maybe one will be helpful for you. Here’s what they said:

– Save articles in case they vanish from the internet
– Use “Clearly” for reading articles
Premium users can use notebooks offline (i.e. on a plane across the ocean)
– Using search vs. tags to find notes
– Corral information floating around in different applications and corners into one place
– Track (sales) lead conversations
– Create templates for repetitive conversations

Thanks to all who came, and expressed interest in this event. I was glad to meet you all!

Thanks also to our venue, Thatcher’s Coffee. They welcomed us, and allowed to us occupy a large corner of their establishment, and also had wifi available for everyone. Be sure to visit them next time you’re in Vancouver, WA!


Lastly, a HUGE thank you to Evernote and their awesome staff, support of this event (and me), sending some seriously awesome goodies for attendees… and for making such a useful product with solid support behind it.

We might do it again, so stay tuned! Would you be interested in a meetup near you? What subject interests you? Would you attend a live Evernote workshop?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear your ideas and tips too!

(Psst… be sure to visit me, and the other fab Ambassadors I am priviledged to be associated with, on the Evernote Lifestyle Forums. There’s lots to learn there!)

UPDATE: Evernote posted the tips sheet we had at the meetup. You can get it here.


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  1. Victoria Cook
    January 30, 2012 at 6:36 am #

    Looks like a great event and well attended. Love all the photos of the group and the collaboration happening.

  2. Brandie, Chief Techie
    January 26, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

    You are most welcome! Thanks for coming out. :)

  3. Jan Udlock
    January 25, 2012 at 7:43 pm #

    Hi Brandie,
    We need a MOC in Portland. I have a friend who’s very interested in attending.

    Thanks so much for all the information.


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