Best Techie Tools

Check out these great tech tools to pimp your website and to help you automate your tasks! 

Note: Some links are affiliate links which means that SOHO Tech Training will get a small commission should you make a purchase using one of those links.

Interested in WordPress?
wordpress small business websitesThink it might be right for you? Learn more about WordPress here, or contact me here to learn more about how we can work together to get your site up and running. Also, check out some of the following tools you can use to make your WordPress site fabulous!
WooThemesLogoWoo Themes Woohoo! Woo Themes has a large variety of templates for WordPress (and a handful of other CMS applications), whether you need one for a persona blog, small business or bigger enterprise application. There are some gorgeous themes you can use right away, or tweak them to your liking.
StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes StudioPress These themes have some really attractive options for professionals, which don’t require much customization. They also have wonderful customer service. If you’re looking for a theme, this is also a solid choice.Especially attractive is their AgentPress theme for real estate professionals. Gorgeous!
Envato’s Theme Forest If you’re looking for a theme under $50, Envato’s Theme Forest is a great option. There is a wide variety of themes, for many different platforms (including WordPress!)They are a little less customizable than the other options above, so these are best for personal blogs or smaller sites.
Website Tools
Working on your website? Need a shopping cart? Mailing list provider? These tools are a great start!
E-junkie | Shopping Cart This shopping cart is simple to set up, inexpensive and yet full featured. Perfect if you’re just getting started with selling products on your website. (Works with Paypal, too!)
Bluehost | Web Hosting I’ve found Bluehost to be a solid hosting provider. Their customer service is outstanding, and the price is reasonable. Recommended, especially if you are a beginner or a WordPress user.
Clicky AnalyticsClicky | Web Analytics I’ll admit it, I’m impatient and a bit of a control freak. While I have Google Analytics working on the detailed site traffic, I wanted something live, which would alert me when I have something happening on my site (like a submission to Digg or StumbleUpon). Clicky lets me see what’s going on, live and in action. I love the power of that information at the monthly cost of one espresso. Bring on the stats!
officePro by comF5officePRO | All-in-One officePro by comF5 lets you send out video or audio in your e-mail marketing campaigns.  It also includes lead capture and autoresponders you can use with own personally branded template (or you can choose from 250 templates). This all-in-one also gives you analytics, social media campaigns, and CRM! Aaand, there are many other features such as split test marketing, calendar, and the ability to send text messages to an email contact list. Wow!
Emails for Small Business with Constant ContactConstant ContactE-mail Newsletters & Surveys Constant Contact is very easy and simple to use. In fact, its the one I currently use for keeping in touch with clients and SOHO Tech members. It plays nice with WishList Member and that’s a huge plus. Did I mention that it’s super simple?
Email Marketing $19/Month!Aweber | E-mail Newsletters & Auto-Responders Ever popular, Aweber is robust and has tons of features (along with over 150 e-mail templates) you’ll love. Aweber also integrates well with lots of other apps, so check ’em out.
Grow your business with email marketing!Vertical Response | E-mail & Social Media Marketing You’ll find great marketing solutions for small businesses with Vertical Response with services like event marketing, online surveys, and even direct mail postcards. It’s worth a second look.
Organization & Productivity 
Get organized, get more done, and reduce your frustration with these tools.
List Plan It: Lists to put your world in orderListPlanIt Sometimes you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, when you just need a list to help you get things done. ListPlanIt is an extensive database of lists for small business (and personal life too). If you need a list, check into ListPlanIt.
aw_logoActiveWords What if you could automate words you couldn’t ever spell correctly, navigate to websites or launch programs with a few keystrokes and without a mouse? If your time is worth something (and it is), check out how ActiveWords can help you save little bits of time. Over time, it will add up. Then you might be saying how you couldn’t live without it…
spalshIDlogoSplashID Please tell me you’re not using an index card on your desktop for your passwords. No? Then please tell me you’re not using the same password for everything. I’ll bet you’ve got a few passwords, user names, and other critical information you need to be safe and accessible. If so, SplashID is a smart choice (here’s a blog post with more info). Use it on your desktop and your mobile phone. Next time the travel agent asks for your frequent flyer number, you’ll know right where it is.
Backup Services
You are backing up your computer, right? Don’t risk it!
Carbonite One of two backup services I recommend.
mozyMozy This is also a solid choice for autmated backups. The advantage it has is the 2 for 1 pricing.
Recording, Podcasting, & Audio Editing
Podcasting is hot right now! Here are some tools that can help you rock YOUR podcast.
Pamela RecorderIn podcasting, a useful tool for recording is essential. Pamela Recorder works with Skype with the click of a mouse. Recommended for service providers with virtual clients and podcasters for conducting interviews.
How to Launch a Podcast/Internet Radio Show  Kelly McCausey is one of the best podcasting teachers around. She makes it clear and easy to understand. If you’re interested in podcasting for business, this book will help you get started.
Social Media
Don’t get stuck in front of your computer. Instead, use a social media dashboard to automate your updates.
HootSuite: Social Media DashboardHootsuitePro Hootsuite Pro makes updating all your social networks (including Google+) easy because they’re all in one place. And, you’ll be able to track how well your social activity is doing.
bufferBuffer Buffer is an easy-to-use social media scheduler. That means you can avoid getting sucked into social conversations on Facebook and Twitter. Buffer also gives you analytics.

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