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{App of the Month} Work+ Lets You Find a Work Space to Get Stuff Done

Find a place to work with Work+. | SOHO Tech TrainingWorking from home can awesome, especially on days when the weather is a bit on the yucky side. Plus, you get to work in your jammies. Who doesn’t like that dress code?

But, there some drawbacks as well, like doing household chores or watching TV when your really should be getting work stuff done. On some days, you just might need a change of scenery to get your juices flowing. That’s where the handy app, Work+ by Tender Creative comes in.

Work+ will help you find a place close to your current location that you can hunker down and get productive. Simply tell the app what you’re looking for and it will search locations in your neighborhood that meet your needs. So, if you want a workspace that also has good eats, coffee, and WiFi, Work+ checks in with Foursquare (yes, pun intended) to find a match for you. Think of how helpful this can be when you’re traveling and not familiar with your surroundings.

Another bonus: Work+ lets you track how long you spent working each location so that over time, it can learn more about you and suggest places that you tend to be the most productive. Btw, you can also log in with Foursquare, LinkedIn, or Work+ to join the “nomadic worker movement” (as per the developers).

Check out the image gallery and video below to see this free app in action. And, get to work!

Did you notice the cup of coffee in the video? =)


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